How to use the Locate Soul Assistant Addon.

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How to use the Locate Soul Assistant Addon.

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This is a guide to the Locate Soul Assistant Script.

To check if your map is running the LSA mod, check for its logo in the bottom right corner (the mods badge area) and also a layer name called Locate Soul Assistant.

The Locate Soul Assistant Script names lsa.js is an addon a server owner can CHOOSE to add to Kenabil's Map viewer viewtopic.php?f=13&t=26 and is part of the download files he provides.

It draws the area on the map of anything that uses locate soul as a base to help you find the location faster.
Note : This only shows up for you and not anyone else viewing the map.
Works with Locate soul , Treasure maps, finding lost branded animals... even seen players use it to plan the size of a deed.

Special thanks to :
Bannaner - GreaseMonkey version developer
Killem & the Scallywag Server - for being the testers and allowing this to be used on their server.
Kenabil - for spending the time to add it the his map viewer
Budda & the KangaWu Server - For just being a great community that I also play with. (No Budda, I haven`t been scrolling with this :geek: )

Message to server owners
My goal when making this script and sending it to Kenabil to add to his map viewer as an option was to level the playing field.
I leave the choice up to you the server owner to make it available.
The 1st time I have seen something like this was an edit to my searchable Deliverance map back in late 2011.
I have seen code like it on a Russian site and later that day a player on a server showed me he his own greasemonkey script for it (not based on the russian one).
I decided rather than a few players finding it / making their own to make it a public script that server owners can choose to run it, just note that in doing so I also made it that anyone can console "hack" it in to a webmap not using it (sorry, that was not my intention).
The main script works over ANY website with a small edit and can this be modded to any webmap, I even have a version that runs over google maps. (1st test was on the older Wyvern webmap)

How to use it.
Over time the interface may change but there is Basically 2 to 3 inputs that you need to enter.
Your rough X and Y location (to place a marker on the map)
And the event message from the search
Compass direction (if your server map also runs the compass mod)

Place a pointer roughly where you are on the map, then in Wurm: make sure you face north or set the compass in the same way your are facing and get the directions instruction in your events log, copy the message and then paste into the search field in the map viewer. This will draw on the map the area where you can expect to find the location you are looking for.

It will draw the area on the map for you, get to a spot inside / close to that area and repeat the steps.
The area that overlaps is now the new smaller area to go look in. Repeat as needed.
On average I can get to within 10 tiles range in 5 searches using this.

To clear the searches toggle the Locate Soul Assistant layer off and the back on.

How it looks on the map :

And after a few it looks like this with the actual spot marked with a pointer as reference. The 1st search was 2000+ out .

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