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Paintings server mod

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Wurm Unlimited Mod Paintings v 5.0!AjnBltNOSFjChAjOjPz ... U?e=bXDjdp
This server mod requires serverpacks mod on both server and clients in order to work.

As at v5.0 there are 2 framed items and 10 window 'stained glass' items.
Those 12 items are craftable by players.
There are another 20 items that a GM can create but are not craftable by players.

The framed items
-come with an action in game to change how the image looks.
-frame and border around image can be dyed independently
-wood material used to crate the item affects the look of the frame.


Watch the videos.

This video is for players and the usage of the mod.

This video is for server admins and the mod usage.

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Re: Paintings server mod

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