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Archery [Server Mod]

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war arrow head and arrow shaft now combine to create a war arrow that has exact ql of the arrow shaft used to create it, this action is instant but gives no skill.

new action when a strung bow is active.

Have a strung bow active and right click a mob or the target window when mob is targeted, click action 'get archery info' it will print a message in event window

[10:42:53] Distance to mob: 25 meters, ideal is 20

[10:43:23] Distance to mob: 33 meters, ideal is 40

ideal is adjusted by active bow type, long bow 80, medium 40 and short is 20.

the properties file has some adjustments the server admin can make.

#float values to adjust amount of damage done by archery (bows).

#firingspeedadjustment basically adjusting how fast the action goes. if normal shoot action is 5 seconds then 2.5f would make it 2 seconds.

#damagefactor is damage adjustment using bow when attacking any mob, 1.0 would be normal damage so 0.5 would be half normal damage.

#uniquefactor is adjusted for uniques only and is done after the damagefactor adjustment., same as other 1.0 is normal damage.

default you fit 41 arrows in a quiver, if you have more than 1 quiver it only ever uses arrows from just 1 quiver and ignores any other quiver. If you equip a backpack on your back then it will use arrows from there.

So I fixed that, now it uses arrows from any quiver in your inventory, I left it only using quivers in inventory and not backpack in inventory as I like the idea of quivers for arrows. Still will use arrows from backpack if equipped though.

*NOTE* if testing this mod keep in mind that by default the game makes a GM fire arrows as fast as you can click, so test speeds as a non GM character.

Download mod:!AjnBltNOSFjCgnC3h37 ... j?e=3Juzaq

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Re: Archery [Server Mod]

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