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Event [Server Mod]

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Event Mod

New item only a GM can create, event portal, drop it on ground and right click it and click manage event, then tick activate and click start event. when done right click and again manage event and click end event.

Then any player can use any settlement token and that character will be teleported to the location the GM was when they activated teleporter. The player can then use token or the event teleport to return the spot where they left from.

In the properties there is also a min/max x/y for setting a box section of map, there will be no death skill loss in this area. The server admin can change these values while server is up and running and a GM can right click any item in game and click reload event properties which will update the box while server is still running.

Notes : Updated mod so it can be used in caves as well, so if you had previous version you will need to do stuff in modsupport db when you update it.
When server is not running, so when you update the mod.
Easiest thing to do is just open up the modsupport db, on database structure tab right click ColdieEventPortals and click delete, then click write changes. Then when server starts it will remake that part of the db with the new columns.

Download mod: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjnBltNOSFjCgkgH-QH3qkEfavEz

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Re: Event [Server Mod]

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