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Dungeon [Server Mod]

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Dungeon Mod

Ok this is pretty complex compared to the others.

There is a maximum of 10 'dungeon areas'.

Each area can cover part of map or entire map, they can overlap each other or not, it's up to you.

In each area there is a specific currency for killing stuff, the values are specific to the area, there are 3 different values, 2 of which you can specify specific mob names and the 3rd is just all other mobs. The mob names are a string search, so saying goblin will also get goblin leader. but if you do goblin leader it wont get goblins. each name is seperated by a comma , with no comma at the end.

minibossnames2=freyja,thor,avenger,avatar,libila,Fo,Magranon,Dverger Explorer,Silverback,Goblin Scout,Hlesey Crab

There is also a new item for each area, this is a healing item, what it does is heal all wounds on another player by the specified amount, the item can't be crafted so it is only available if an admin/GM makes it available and it will only work in the area it is specified for.

There is a merchant available for a GM to create and place for players to use, this is where you spend specific currency for the area of that specific merchant. The server admin can set the model of this merchant item in the properties file.

The server admin can also specify what items are sold at that specific area merchant.

dungeon1items=Sea Lamp,659,90,25,0,0,Sea Lantern,135,90,50,0,0

the first part is a string, the name you want to have on the item, then its a number which is the item id, next is the ql of the item, next is the cost of the item in that currency, next is rarity, 0 normal, 1 rare, 2 supreme. last I actually don't recall, i'll need to poke around and edit this later.


this is to change the colour of items sold in merchant, R,G,B values 1-255

The Server admin can change these properties values and a GM can do an action on any item called, reload dungeon properties, this will update the merchant stuff while server is running. So if you screw up some values you can fix it while game is running.

Ok so the players come up to the merchant in game and right click it and click buy stuff.

they can choose multiples, 1 through to 9 and then 30.

*Note* Don't give 2 items on a merchant the same name. So if you do want 30ql and 50ql of same item for different prices just use name like rift wood 30 and rift wood 50 as an example.

If an admin really really wanted they can adjust the currency of players, it is stored in the modsupport db.

Download mod: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjnBltNOSFjCgkqJESX7w46Wtxhm

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Re: Dungeon [Server Mod]

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