Milk Reset [Server Mod]

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Milk Reset [Server Mod]

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Milk Reset

At some stage the wurm devs made it so cows only reset being milkable with hummid drizzle or after a server reboot, why? NFI

This mod adds command /milk which will reset all animals that can normally be milked to be milkable, there is a set 1 hour time between uses of the command. If done early it tells you how long until it can be used. It also resets sheering ability which otherwise only resets on server reboot.

[11:08:07] Time until next reset: 45 minutes

Added 2 new things to properties file.

milkhours=1 (how many hours between command usage, its an int so whole numbers)
GMlevel=0 (GM level of who can use it, 0 for every player, int so whole numbers)

Download mod:!AjnBltNOSFjCgkQ1T2FHMu07y6iX

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Re: Milk Reset [Server Mod]

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