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DPS [Server Mod]

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This adds a chat command /DPS (case sensitive) this will activate and deactivate the mod usage. When active if you go to your combat event window it will show the damage you do to what you are attacking with some interesting information, including the average damage over time, from when you started it with /DPS.

There is also another feature, in the properties file is minid and maxid, the creature template id's within this range will autoregen their hp back to full when it would have dropped to 0. So you could set it to say a the rat template id and put a bunch of rats in a pen, and then you can hit them constantly to get a true DPS value over a longer period of time, this will make ALL rats basically gods and never die on server though. We added a new mob that had similar values as a troll but did 0 damage, this worked well.

[10:57:29] DPS=120;you did 880 damage, which is 29335.0 * 0.03

120 is the avg damage over time

880 is the actual damage you did, everything has the exact same HP, the reason some stuff is harder to kill is their DR.

29335.0 is the actual weapon damage before DR affects it.

0.03 is the DR of what you are attacking, in this case a rift warmaster.

This is for patch 1.9

Download mod: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjnBltNOSFjCgkLm33ZmIJs-ACXK

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Re: DPS [Server Mod]

Post by Kenabil »

Added Wiki page for this mod: https://wiki.wurm-unlimited.net/page/DPS_Mod

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DPS Server Mod

Post by Stevenses »

Is ok for the code but only if someone send to him these 2 code:
-Multi server connection
-Fake eChamblard.

What I should do ??? I would also invite pupet here for you is ok ???

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