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Decorations [server mod]

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requires serverpacks for both server and client.!AjnBltNOSFjChA2Wpyj ... -?e=QB27Dj
Going from left to right

Rocking horse:- has 2 dye areas, when first created it is very white and really needs that dye to make it look nice, this means players should be making it the colours they want.

Teddybear:- stands upright

Lute:- the Lute stands up but also has a lean to it, looks best when placed like it is leaning against something like a wall.

Duck:- just a yellow ducky

Marbles:- below duck in image, a satchel with colourful marbles.

Bilboquet:- ball on a string and a handle, an old game.

Leaning Axe:- an axe that has a lean to it, like lute looks best when up against a wall or such.

Bunny:- a blue bunny

Bowling set:- wooden 6 pin bowling set

Koala:- because I am an Aussie 

Block set with dragon image:- long name. it is a wooden chest that contains blocks that have an image on the blocks, like an old puzzle game.

Chess Table:- very decorative table that has a chess board pattern on top.

Chess Chair:- a chair to suit the table.

On the table are all the pieces of a chess game, all made individually, white is marble and black is slate. so you would need to make 8 of each pawn and so on. Best to use the 'drop-> place' feature in game for putting these on the table, I will probably do a small video later for it.

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Re: Decorations [server mod]

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