How to get the old .dae models

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How to get the old .dae models

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The old .dae files can be really useful at times, but they're not always easy to get your hands on. Unless you follow this tutorial, in which case it's as simple as it gets!

First of all, this will be based on this here tutorial, but more specific to this case.

We will be downloading the old files from steam, so you probably need a legit copy of WU (haven't tested on steam account without, though)

1. Locate your desired version of the game.
In this step we'll locate the version we want. If you just want the .dae files, skip this step.

Go to, (You will need to log in via steam to see most of the older files)

You can find all the versions here, dated, and with the MANIFESTID listed, which we'll use to download them.

I did the research and 2016, jan 28 beta branch uses .wom files, while 2016 jan 28 non-beta branch only uses .dae files

2. Open the Steam console
For this step you'll need to open the steam console, which is normally not visible.

On Windows: open your browser, and in the navbar enter: steam://nav/console
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 09-35-56.png
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 09-35-56.png (3.03 KiB) Viewed 373 times

On Linux: opening a terminal and entering

Code: Select all

steam steam://open/console
worked for me

This should open up the regular steam window, but with a new CONSOLE tab to the right of your profile tab, as such:
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 09-55-56.png
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 09-55-56.png (56.34 KiB) Viewed 373 times

3. Download the files

Now that you have the console open, you can start downloading the version by entering this command in the CONSOLE:

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download_depot 366220 366221 1963628778025391472
Explanation of command:
  • download_depot: the command
  • 366220: The steam ID of Wurm Unlimited
  • 366221: The depot ID of the common files in WU (Not Linux or Windows specific)
  • 1963628778025391472: Manifest ID of the files. This specifies which version of the files you want to be downloaded. (It's what we retrieved in step 1)
After this steam will immediately start downloading the game. It's 1.3 GB so it might take a while.

Note that if you use steam to launch games or your connection goes out for a bit, steam might print a bunch of stuff on the console. As long as the line in step#4 shows up, you're good!

On Windows you should be able to see the network traffic in the downloads manager of steam.
On Linux I had to use iftop to see the traffic:

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sudo iftop

4. Find the files
After it's finished downloading, steam will print a message similar to this one:
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 10-14-22.png
Screenshot from 2022-08-19 10-14-22.png (5.59 KiB) Viewed 373 times

From this you can see where the files were downloaded, in my case it's

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/home/tyoda/ ..... /app_366220/depot_366221
You can navigate in there to find the graphics.jar. To get the .dae files, you can just unzip it. (You might need to rename the file to for your file browser to be able to extract it.)

If you want to download a different version of the game, remember to rename the downloaded folder "depot_366221" to something like "depot_366221_2016jan28" , so it doesn't get overwritten.
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Re: How to get the old .dae models

Post by Arathok »

Thank you very much, this is gonna help my blender shenanigans a lot!

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