Fix .DAE files for blender.

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Fix .DAE files for blender.

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Edit : Link aint working 100% , Use the guide at viewtopic.php?f=35&t=166&p=855#p855 to get the .dae files.

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Angie shared a link to the old .DAE files from Wurm Online before the switched to .WOM files
[quote]Angie — Today at 9:11 PM
link for all the models in DAE format, for the one that want use them to modelise  :[/quote]

[i][b](Angie may have already fixed a few so check before hand)[/b][/i]

Quite a lot of these .dae files have issues being imported into blender
as they where originally Maya files that where exported with an older FBX COLLADA exporter than what blender uses
and its in a format for Maya not Blender.

For the workaround you need an text editor like notepad or notepad++

Open the .dae file in an texteditor
and delete everything between and including
and save the .dae file (I normally save it in a separate folder so that I have the original if I mess something up)
This will break the shading > color link and you need so you will need to fix it in blender

Open blender and import the .dae file
Some models have bounding boxes you can toggle not visible / delete them.
Goto the shader tab and browse to the image files to be used as the texture.
In the Scene collection check the name of the Material and note it down. (should be something like LibilaMat , ScytheMat, WingsMat)
Delete the material in the scene collection and make a new one with the EXACT same name.
Drag the image file to the shading window and link the Image's Color to the Model's Base Color
Some models have a few parts you will need to re-link so check in the texture view to make sure all parts work.

I normally save a .blender version at this point to use as a base for the future.


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