Transparent textures on models.

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Transparent textures on models.

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Good day.

It has come to my attention that a few modders / model makers aren't aware that Wurm supports transparent textures.

But this only work 100% with 0 thick models (I call them filled in wireframes) as soon as they get too thick it breaks transparency.

Proof it works:

Short version :
Use .dds files with BC3/DXT5 compression and mip maps.

Export to .dds by renaming the file with .dds at the back.
It will ask you settings once you click save
Setting: :
Save as .dds
Settings :

Remember to link a .dds in BLENDER shading window (color only) - same as you would a .png or .jpg

Long version :

To convert from a png/jpg to .dds that supports transparency correctly for Wurm.

I use for this (still newish to GIMP) :

In Blender UV mapping window, click on UV and export UV map and save the UV map for later use.

Open your old png/jpg in and drop and drag the UV map onto and choose add as layer.

Using the UV map layer delete the parts you don't want transparent , make 100% that is ALL that is left on that layer. Select the deleted area and Press CTL+I (invert selection) to select just the parts you want transparent.

Option 1 - no blend/recolor
1. Click on the layer (normally background) , press copy and add a new layer and paste it there.
2. Now go back to to the background layer and press delete to remove the part from the background.
3. If done correctly the part you want transparent and the non-transparent parts should now be on separate layers.

4. It is now safe to remove the UV map layer
5. Select the transparency layer Click on the wrench in the layer window and change the opacity % till it looks like you want, For this use normal in the blend mode.
-- for recoloring read the recolor/blend part)
6. Its a good idea to save it as a .pdn file now (paint dot net file format that saves they layers)
7. Manually merge the layers (4th button in the layer window) starting with the color layer (if you have 1) and then the transparency layer.
8. Save as a .dds file with BC3/DXT5 compression and mip maps

Option 2 - blend/recolor
Follow option 1 till step 5 and after this go from step 6.
1. You can add an extra layer buy copying the transparency layer and using a SOLID color.

2. Select the color layer and click the wrench, change the blend mode and opacity so that it recolors the transparency layer.
I tend to use Glow / Color dodge as the blend mode.

In Blender
open your model and go to the shading window. Remove the png texture and add the .dds texture (only link colour)
It is NORMAL for Blender and the .wom previewer to not show the transparency correctly. You will have to check inside Wurm.
Export to .obj and convert to .wom
Update your mappings to .dds and zip the files needed and rename to .jar.

Note that you can use 1 .wom file and a few texture files to make a few different colors, works with multipart models.
<Wom file name>.wom?<texture name as per Blender>.texture=<.dds file name>
Like :
model.magic.potion.favor = Potion3.wom? = Potion3.wom?

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