Complete list of the mods (work in progress, ty to be patient)

Mods for installing on servers, created by the forum's talented developers.
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Complete list of the mods (work in progress, ty to be patient)

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If you want your Mod be added on this list, please send a PM to Angie.


Server Modloader - The modloader and statup scripts.
Announcer - Server-wide player login announcement.
Bag of holding - magicaly increase the size of containers.
Christmas mod - configure christmas gifts.
Creatures age mod - Animals grow up faster.
Crop mod - Prevent crops from overgrowing.
Harvesthelper - Get exact season start times.
HTTP Server - Library providing a HTTP Server for other mods to use.
Inbreed warnings - Receive a warning when breeding related animals.
Scriptrunner - Run script on various hooks.
Serverpacks - Provides additional pack download service for mods.
Servermap - Provide a server pack with a pre-rendered or current map of the server.
Spellmod - Gives priests all spells and removes priest restrictions.


Action Timers Fix - Fixes many action timers that ignore the action time multiplier setting.
Treasure Chest Claim - Allows players to "claim" random treasure chests, unlocking the chest and rewarding the players with some karma.
Better Digging - some usefull features to bring dirt into a vehicle or on ground instead of player inventory and much more.
Better Farming - Adds ability to cultivate, sow, farm, harvest, harvest and replant in a bigger area / mass plant and harvest planter racks and some more.
Move To Center - Adds 2 entries under Move menu that allow moving items to the center or corner of a tile.
Movement Tweaks - Allows server admins to tweak many things related to movement of players, mounts and vehicles.
Hitching Limits - Allows control over what animals can be hitched to carts/wagons.
No Build Limit - Removes skill requirement on planning building from all players, allowing building of (almost) any size.
Set Height (GM Mod) - Adds a new command to set the height of tile to specified value in an optional radius.
Hots Fixes - Allows mycelium on PVE server and fixes it´s spreading / remove ore cap on non freedom servers and some more.
Fix Guards (GM Mod) - Fixes villages spawning infinite number of templars due to a database error.
Bind To All Interfaces - Makes the server bind all it's sockets (external, intraserver and RMI if enabled) to all available interfaces.
Highway Portals - Player craftable portals that allow teleporting between deeds on the same highway network.
No Damage - Removes all damage from items, walls, roofs, floors, fences and bridges from all sources. With this mod nothing will ever decay, bashing is impossible (except GMs).
Non-combat Pets Mod (Minipets) - Non-combat pets are small companions that can follow you around, they do not fight and will not be attacked by other creatures and players.
Archaeology Tweaks - Allows server admins to add/remove items to archaeology drops using a config file.
Waxed Food - Allows preserving food items using beeswax, Preserved food items are no longer edible or usable in recipes but turn into decorations instead.with an extra item list configurable to add more items.
bdew server mod tools - This is a library that will be used by bdew (and possibly other people's) mods.
Fishy Tweaks - dded on screen notification when a fish bites, Caught fish can be automatically stored and much much more.
Putting Stuff On Tables - putting items on a table or other stuff / add new funrniture or items where you can put items on it with a command or the config file.
Custom NPC - Allows you to spawn a "Custom NPC", which work similar to vanilla NPCs. You can set the movementspeed/waypoints the equipement and some more.
Non combat pets (Minipets) - Non-combat pets are small companions that can follow you around, they do not fight.
Halloween Mod 1.1 - This mods adds a Halloween event. Ominous gravestones will spawn in random positions across the server (usually in foresty areas) with Evil Trees and Pumpkin Monsters around them. Players that find a gravestone and clear out the mobs guarding it will be able to investigate the gravestone to get a treat... or a trick, there are custom items, titles and achievements that players will keep.
Planters Mod - craftable large planters, wood or stone version,that can be painted, to grow all the crops but also rice, reed,mushrooms, magicals mushrooms (that will refil favor and give karma) - new craftable wicker baskets with fabric or no, mushrooms and magic mushrooms. Add the possibility to dig stumps that are needed to create the planters of magic mushrooms. craftable tree planters in 8 materials. craftables bushes planters in wood or all metals


Building skill Mod - adjust how much carpentry skill is requiered to plan buildings.
Cavus Nostra - imp moon metal items with steel, groom hello horses/unicorns, lead unicorns without taming, trait removes from list.
DPS - show the damage you do on your enemies and more interessted informations
Epic Curve - epic curve for PVE servers.
Lead More - lead 6 animals.
Milk Reset - set all animals with a command to be milkable.
Tent Sleep - you can sleep in tents including sleep bonus.
Roll - a interessting usefull roll system.
One Tile Mining - you just need one tile of rock for surface mining and let you set the chance. You can also speed up the level action in mines.
Bounty Mod - bounties ar here calculated by animal stenght and DR
Dungeon Mod - a complex mod where you can setup different areas with dungeons/own currency.
Shipping Trade Route - make shiproutes with a new trade storage bin where players can earn money for bringing stuff from one point to another one.
Unleash - unleashes uniques from their specific location and lets them roam free.
Repair Tower- Removes the fight skill 20 normally required to repair Towers.
Archery-war arrow head and arrow shaft now combine to create a war arrow that has exact ql of the arrow shaft used to create it.
Combiner - Add a configurable list of items that will become possible to be combined- metals items no need to be glowing from the heat.
Mob Max Count - To set the max count values on any creatures.
Creature DB - Fix when manually deleted creatures and caused issues on the Db.
Fish Monger - Item to sell your fishes.
Rift Event - Add an Altar of Anubis that will spawn Rift creatures.
Dye Maker - Add an item that make creation of many colors of dye possible.
Painting Mod - Craftable portraits and lanscapes with frames in all the woods possible , possible to be painted, many choices that can be changed at any moment in game. Configurable to change the initials pictures.
Decorations Mod - Craftables toys and a playable chessboard
GM Deed Maker (GM Mod) - own more than one deed with your gm char.
Event Mod (GM Mod) - gm´s can drop event portals, players can teleport to the event and after it, teleporting back to the old location.

GOVERNOR (Jubaroo) :

Templar Replacer - Replace templars and guard models with whatever you like. Change the speed, combat rating, etc of both.
Location Command - Find your coordinates on the map at any time by typing /location in the chat.
Server Time Command - Get the time of the server in an event message, Message color can be configured in the properties file.
Dragon Mounts - Allows breedable, rideable, tameable Drakes to be enabled in Wurm.
Kingdom Items - Enables the creation of PMK wagons, banners, and flags not normally able to be crafted.
Tabards - A mod that allows the creation of PMK kingdom tabards to be worn by players.
Halloween - Halloween creatures are now roaming the lands! Lots of loots.
Bounty on burn - Burn corpses for cash or karma.
Guard Assist - Call guards in any chat tab. No more accidentally calling guards in Global chat and looking silly.
Altars Mod - Add the model for the temple missing in game and 2 new models of altars.
Copy paste (GM Mod) - Copy items with ease as a GM!
Mission Items (GM Mod) - Adds items to the mission ruler list.
GM Commands(GM Mod) - Adds new GM commands (read in linked forum).


Mail Merchants - allows you to trade with merchants from afar using enchanted mailboxes


Epic Mission Hints - Tree cut down missions will centre the tree on the tile, and set it to 69 damage / customize mission generation and some more.
No Holy Ground - Founding settlements, terraforming, and building structures near the white and black light altar / allows founding settlements despite aggressive creatures and creature dens.
Note : conflict with the Deed Upkeep mod :if you are using it, No Holy Ground will not works.
No Mail Cost - Removes postage from mailing items, removes postage from returned/rejected mails, Newly created mailboxes will have configurable Courier enchant placed on them.
PvP Surface Mining Slope - On Epic, the slope limit for surface mining is 1.0 times your mining skill, this reverts it to 3.0 times (like on PvE).
Ash Produce - Items that have cooling ticks can produce ash. All configurable.
Fire Burn Time - Displays pretty much the exact time until a fire becomes a layer of glowing coals.
Double Bulk Capacity - Newly created BSBs and FSBs capacity is quadrupled (4x). All crates capacity is doubled.
Pick More Sprouts - Pick more sprouts with one action. Configure the amount in the settings.
Treasure Hunting - Find treasure maps by digging, Maps have 10 configurable tiers and is represented as treasure map QL, There might be startled creatures nearby, Extensive configuration options, Configuration can be changed and reloaded without restarting the server.
More Potables-Plant anything in a pot - Can plant, grow, and harvest almost anything in a pot like herbs and spices.
Mark And Recall - Quick Travel Mod - Craft recall runes and mark a location on it, and recall to it.
Better Gamemaster (GM Mod) - Game masters can pick-up items with disregard to carry limits by body strength, walking speed is not affected by inventory weight.


BountyMod - receive bounty for killed creatures / enable skillgain for bred creatures and a lot more options.
BulkMod - placing hot iems into BSBs and FSBs
DigLikeMiningMod -Enabled dredging to ship. Added the ability to use dirt or sand piled on the tile you're standing on if you need to use dirt/sand when flattening or leveling. You will use dirt in your inventory, then dirt in a pile, then sand in your inventory, and finally sand in a pile, in that order.
MeditateMod - guaranted skill success / no delay / disable distances / multiplier for meditation skill / multiplier for path question cooldowns and some more.
PhobiaMod - replace Spiders with Black Bears / Fiends
SacrificeMod - Adds a configurable chance for a rare item to award a bone of the same rarity, instead of the usual benefits.
SalveMod - Adds "power - " to the beginning of newly made healing cover names, so you no longer have to figure it out in your head.


Wyvern Mods -(HUGE, a post will explain)
Spellcraft -(HUGE, a post will explain)
Sindusk Library - This mod is very specifically a library built to support the rest of my mods.
Armoury - give server owners the control over weapons and armour settings.
Server Player Counter - correct the player count in the launcher (merged all counted players on your servers to your login server).
Server Tweaks - The next big mod with very much settings! Make your server better and turn on/off what you like. More details in the mod thread.
Starter Gear - fully control what is created for new players (in inventory) on your server.
Discord relay - connect your server chat/trade and more to your discord.
Treasure hunting - Find treasure maps while working in wurm, search for the treasurechest and collect all stuff in it, Attention! Mobs spawning around / a big mod with a lot of setting
DuskCombat- Full combat system rewrite.
Kingdom offices -


Bridge Mod - modify bridge max width, works well with my infinite wide mine entrances and mine doors mod.
Modify Gestation Time - allows server the ability to modify the time it takes for creatures to give birth.
Infinite Wide Mine Entrances and Mine Doors - Server side mod to allow for infinite wide mines with the same mechanics as 2/3 wide.
Increase Merchant Max Items - Enables the ability to modify the max items a merchant can carry default value is 100.
Craft More Things - Allows for the creation of an array of new items previously uncraftable.
Adamantine and Glimmersteel Transmutaion rods -Adds Glimmersteel and Adamantine to the Rod of Transmutation roll-out.
Log wall panels - Allows for the creation of mock log facades to imitate the effect of a log home.
Auto Alerts - A server side mod for Wurm Unlimited to automate Server Alerts in given intervals
Poll Spawner - allows the server to randomly spawn items (currently only Rift Items) around the map.
White List - Restrict who can join your server with White Listing of players by name.
Simple Concrete - Allows for the simple creation of concrete using just clay and rock shards.


Buyer Merchant - Introduces a new type of NPC, based on the merchant, that will buy items from players instead of selling them.
Crafter - A new type of NPC who accepts orders from players for items to be improved in return for money.
Delivery Contracts - A new type of contract that facilitates placing heavy items on a merchant.


VoteReward - A mod that allows hosts to reward players with coins for voting on Custom messages, reward amounts
DeedMod - Update to the previous DeedMod written by Keenan to allow a maximum Spirit Templar count
DisableFogSpieders - Update for joebado's DisableFogSpider for version 1.9
EnhancedChickenCoop - Allows for the quality level of chicken coop eggs to be configured in properties rather than limited to Chicken Coop ql
CustomWagons (with the help of Bdew and Coldie ) : Creates the potential to make your own custom wagons provided you can add the textures for them.

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